Central Library Services

1. Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya Central Library offers the following services to its users.

(i) Lending Service

(ii) Reading Room Service

(iii) Reference Service

(iv) Bibliographic Service (CAS)

(v) Reprographic Service (Xerox)

(vi) Display of New Arrivals

(vii) Display of Career related books and magazines.

(viii) Display of Newspapers

(ix) Internet Service

(x) E Resources (E-books and E-Journals) Search through INFLIBNET N-LIST

(xi) Central Library Database Search through OPAC (From Inside the Central Library)

(xii) Central Library Database Search through WEBOPAC ( From Outside the Central Library)

(xiii) University Question Paper Search (UG)

(xiv) College Question Paper Search

(xv) College Publication Search

(xvi) Thesis Search (Submitted in Different Departments)

(xvii) MRP Final Project Report Search (Submitted by Teachers)

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National Digital Library of India (NDL)